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Bio Information: 

Jeff, AK6OK  is the President and CEO of Compudigital Industries in Rocklin, California and the President and Chairman of the Board of Open Window Foundation, a non-profit foundation that supplies FREE Bibles to the military. An active ham radio operator since 1966, Jeff had the original novice call WN6IOK and then passed the general test at about 13 years old and received the call WA6IOK. In 2012, he got a new vanity callsign AK6OK. He learned his ham skills from his Dad, Jim Hilliard, W6CGS at 10 years old. Jim was a very active ham on the VHF and HF bands over many years. For the past 20 years, Jeff has held an Extra Class license.Jeff was very active as a young ham on the HF bands, running nightly phone patches from Palmer Station, Antarctica to Davis, California from the researchers at UC Davis the their families. 

Along with other hams, Jeff developed one of the nations first HF remote base systems in Granite Bay, California. The HF remote base on the WA6IOK UHF repeater was pretty amazing for its time, giving mobile operators the ability to talk on any HF band using a TS440 transceiver and a Mosely TA36 antenna at about 100 feet. The entire system was remote controlled through the repeater using touchtones. The mobile operator could turn the beam, Change bands and frequencies, modes, transmit and recieve, all while driving down the road using their UHF mobile radio. It was a very fun system with literally thousands of HF contacts made through this unique system. The California State office of Emergency Services (OES) used this remote system for emergency communications for many years and still considers the K6IOK system one of the States primary State recognized repeaters.

In one case, a jammer was prosecuted and charged with a felony for interfering with the WA6IOK repeater which was recognized as a Part of the California State Emergency Communications network, a Federal offense. Many hams will continue to have some very fond memories of that system and the great times we had in the Glory days of ham radio.In December 2016, Jeff's childhood callsigns, WA6IOK and WN6IOK were re-assigned to daugters Heather and Christie. These days, you will find Jeff on the HF bands using the the HF Remote station on the hill in Auburn, California.

SYSTEM UPDATE: March 6, 2017 - We have finished the process of adding a Yaesu Fusion repeater to our system on 147.360. This allows users to use the system as a digital repeater or in analog mode. Using only Yaesu Fusion enabled equipment, if you transmit in Digital mode, the repeater will transmit in digital format. We are looking forward to hearing all of you out there using Fusion! We also just added a Yaesu System Fusion Simplex Node at 144.430 Mhz, located in Rocklin, California.

Repeaters maintained within the K6IOK System:

444.900 Mhz - PL 100Hz - W7FAT Repeater - Features: linked with 224.020Mhz - Location Auburn, California - Other: Linked with Echolink and IRLP444.475 Mhz - PL 94.8Hz - K6IOK Repeater - Features: linked with 145.130Mhz PL 114.8 - Location Auburn, California - Other Features: Full HF Remote Base covering 10M - 160M145.130 Mhz - PL 114.8Hz - K6IOK Repeater - Features: linked with 444.475Mhz PL 94.8 - Location Auburn, California - Other Features: Full HF Remote Base covering 10M - 160M145.130 Mhz - Yaesu - K6IOK Digital Fusion Repeater - Installed on December 13th, this new Fusion repeater works in conjunction with the existing analog repeater on 145.130 Mhz. If you come in using Fusion digial format, the Yaesu repeater will respond. If you are in analog mode with a PL of 114.8, the 145.130 Mhz analog repeater will respond. Yaesu Fusion is a great mode and really fun to use! Your own private "talk channel"!51.700Mhz Mhz - PL - 77Hz - K6IOK Repeater - Features: Will be linked linked with 444.475Mhz PL 94.8 - Location Auburn, California - Other: -.500 offset - input frequency 51.200Mhz224.020 Mhz - PL 100Hz - W7FAT Repeater - Features: linked with 444.900 Mhz PL 100 - Location Auburn, California: Features - Linked with Echolink and IRLP144.430 Mhz - Yaesu Fusion Node - Fusion Node number 30448 install March 1, 2017 in Rocklin, California. This is an open Node.Repeater Coverage Maps:
    In August of 2014 with the prompting of many of the Old Timers that were around back in the Granite Bay HF Remote days, Jeff has recently recreated the Repeater controlled HF Station of years ago.Our CLub Station, Placer County Emergency Network carries the club call K6IOK, the Northern California Emergency Network. The HF remote is fully controlled through the UHF Repeater on 444.475 and/or the connected VHF repeater on 145.130. Available functions include changing to any frequency or mode you want, changing antennas, rotating the beam, switching between dual VFOs and memory channels. The HF system is currently using a 450 foot loop antenna and a Kenwood TS-940AT barefoot with 250 watts on SSB.The Repeater and HF Remote systems are installed in Auburn, California at about 1200 feet and includes repeaters on 2 meters (145.130 PL 114.8), UHF (444.475 PL 94.8). The remote base is running a Kenwood TS-940SAT, A Shackmaster interface sold 30 years ago and works perfectly. The system is currently running about 250 watts on HF (SSB) Right next to Jeff's station in the same vault in Auburn is another series of repeaters and remotes that Jeff has just completed owned by W7FAT including UHF (444.900 PL 100.0), 220 (224.02 PL 100), and Echolink (W7FAT-R) and IRLP (Node 3373). Recently added is a 6 Meter repeater on 51.70 with an offset of - 500Khz. Both independant systems also have the ability to easily cross-connect so that all systems run together. These two systems were primariliy build in order to support Emergency Agencies all over the State of California as a secondary communications system in case of an emergency. Everything in the system includes battery backup power.Jeff also hangs out on additional local repeaters in the Rocklin and Auburn, California areas including the 145.43 repeater in Auburn, California. Jeff is an inventor, and has developed many products and software applications over the years including the Progenetor, a device used to perform genetic fusion, a process used to create the seedless watermelon, Roundup proof tabacco, and other genetically engineered plant products. He developed the first talking elevator for Otis Elevator in San Francisco and the first Restaurant Seating Management System in 1992 and installed in Disneyland in Paris. Jeff also created a charging system used to safely charge Fighter Jet batteries for Interspace Battery Company in Los Angeles. All of this came from the knowledge he developed from Ham Radio.In 2010 and 2011, Jeff developed an iPad, iPhone and Android application called MyRoadShows, allowing anyone to fully control a Powerpoint presentation remotely using a 3G, 4G, or other internet enabled tablet computer. The Powerpoint presentations can be shared with anyone using a WEB enabled mobile device.

Jeff has developed numerous websites for major manufacturers with the sole purpose of moving B-Stock (Refurbished), Obsolete, and Slow Moving NEW inventory, generally finished goods. Since 1995, Compudigital has sucessfully moved nearly $100M in excess inventory through our various sites and partners.

My goal is to make this process known through many industries. Though we concentrate on the electronics industry, and the process works in any industry.

For the past year, Compudigital Industries has concentrated on the development of iPad and iPhone mobile applications that interface with servers. These applications provide some amazing networking services through a variety of mobile device types.

Specialties: The sale of Excess and obsolete inventory through the use of our own warehouses and WEBsites. In most cases, our organization takes over the ownership of this inventory. Most material that is deemed unsellable is donated to one or more non-profit organization and/or University. Compudigital specializes in providing insulation between the manufacturer and the buyer of this material.

More recently, Jeff and Compudigital develop iPad and iPhone applications and creates 3D models for video productions. These models are used for the production of Walkaround and fly-around tours of different kinds of equipment. Soon, these movies will be available on our website for review.

Jeff is the inventor of various electronic products and 2 genetic related patented products. For more information, please refer to Google Patents under the following patent numbers:

U.S. Patent # 5, 272, 474 issued 12/21/1993 – Restaurant Seating Management Computer

U.S. Patent # 4, 882, 281 issued 11/21/1989 – Electro fusion Electrode

U.S. Patent # 4, 695, 547 issued 9/22/1987 – Electro fusion Electrode

And finally, Jeff is the CEO and President of Open Window Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non Profit Foundation.  Under the foundation, Bibles are distributed to the military Free of charge under the name "Operation Worship" started in 2006. Serving the military all over the world, Operation Worship has provided over 1.2 Million Bibles. In 2016 alone, 225,000 Bibles were provided, most with indivdual Unit insignias printed on the front cover and spine.